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My Contract-Bill of Sale
Lady D's Oodles of Poodles

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If for any reason you cannot keep your puppy I ask to be contacted. I may be able to help find a new home for your puppy. Under no circumstances may the puppy be placed in a puppy mill or similar situation.
I hope you have many happy years with your new friend! People often want to know the exact size, color or personality of a puppy when it is grown. I can only estimate that by going by previous litters and the parent’s characteristics. For this reason, I make no claims as to the mature size, color or disposition of said puppy and any other claims or agreements about this puppy’s development, unless noted below the seller’s name. If you choose to show your pet, that's fine. I would need to know because this would result in the need to have a full registration and that is an additional cost, it is your choice. However, seller will not be deemed liable if pet is unable to finish for any reason. I represent my puppies as beautiful loving pets only. Finish ability of said puppy, male or female, is not guaranteed as these puppies are sold as quality pets. I have given a lot of care, love and time to this puppy prior to its adoption; please make sure you are willing to make this same commitment. This Puppy can NOT be breed and is to be spay/neutered as soon as they are 10-12 months old, if this is not done the guarantee is null and void- please send me proof this has been done..

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Diane Stewart
6550 Colonial Way
Tillamook, Or 97141
503-812-5333 Cell

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